10 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Copywriter

Copywriting isn’t something one should take lightly. Having great “copy” can mean the difference between high client conversion rates and tremendously low sales. The first thing a potential customer sees when they look at your website, blog post, or other sales materials is professionalism. They don’t think about it if your site looks great, but if your copy is unfocused, and lacking in proper style, tone, and structure, you may lose business. Here are the top reasons you should hire a copywriter.

1. Never worry about grammar issues. 

Not all of us are Word Wizards or Gleeful Grammarians. But with a copywriter (like me), you’ll have someone who not only knows best practices in grammar and spelling but also someone who’s willing and able to do research (if need be), saving you time and money. Because let’s be real. No one wants to sit there sifting through the AP Stylebook, or roaming around online trying to determine whether toward or towards is the English spelling of the word. By the way, it’s toward.

2. Give your brand a voice.

A great copywriter can help give your brand a voice, one that aligns across multiple platforms and social media sites. Your brand voice can help establish your company as a serious competitor in your industry and help add to your level of credibility. Companies that want to do well take their brand seriously. Come up with a brand voice that represents your company well and helps, in some way, tell people who you are and what you do.

3. Become a leader in your industry.

Hiring a copywriter means you’ll have clear, concise copy for your blog posts, white papers, and case studies, which can, in turn, help you become a leader in your industry. A copywriter can help you deliver your message with your target audience in mind, meaning your content will connect with them and get them engaged with your brand in a positive way. With a clear message and effective web copy, you’ll stand out from the competition and prospects will start to see you as a leader in your industry.

4. Avoid learning SEO. 

Every good copywriter that knows anything about content marketing knows that SEO (search engine optimization) and keyword optimization are key tools to getting traffic to your website and getting people to the products or services you’re offering. Optimizing your content around keywords helps people searching for those keywords find your company, products, and services a lot more easily. So investing in a copywriter that knows content marketing is key to seeing web traffic growth you need to start seeing an increase in revenue.

5. You only have seven seconds to make an impression.

According to Forbes, that’s how long it takes for potential customers to create a solid impression of your business based on whatever they have – seven seconds. So if your business exists primarily online, your website is going to be where people draw their conclusions from. That means you only have a few words to work with. A tagline or headline that tells people who you are and what you do right up front is the best approach. A great copywriter will know exactly which words to use to capture your intended audience’s attention right away and persuade them to keep reading, eventually leading them toward the sale.

6. You’ll get clear and concise copy written with clarity and creativity.

See what I did there? Alliteration!

One of the perks of hiring someone who loves writing to do your actual writing.

Hiring a copywriter on an on-going basis means you’ll never have to worry about whether that writer will know your brand, your message, your company story, and your company’s goals. With every project, you’ll have the same seasoned writer, providing you with high-quality, attention-grabbing copy.

7. Never worry about researching the competition.

A great copywriter will know that research is the first step in writing great content. Leave the messy task of research up to the copywriter and free yourself up to focus on more important tasks. A good copywriter can research your top competition and find ways for you to stand out or promote a product or service in a unique way. A good copywriter can also help you keep up on industry news and trends so that you stay relevant to your target audience.

8. Your content will tell a story.

And who doesn’t love a good story? Case studies are, in fact, stories. A great copywriter will tell your story with authority, enthusiasm, creativity, and concision. You won’t have to worry about whether your content connects with your audience because a copywriter is trained to write content that gets people engaged and helps increase web traffic, and subsequently, sales.

9. A copywriter can write social media posts.

Social media is something you really can’t avoid when it comes to business marketing. No matter the platform or content type, a good copywriter will know exactly how long each post should be, what kind of social sites are right for which audiences, and the ideal times to post to allow for more exposure to your prospects.

10. You get a great call to action.

Your website needs to have a call to action on every page. Yes, every page. Each page needs to guide potential customers to either read your FAQ for more information, contact you for a free quote, like or comment, or some action that gets you your desired result. Every page should try to get your website users to act in some way that translates to a sale. A good copywriter can accomplish this fairly easily.

I can help you accomplish the above mentioned and much more. Contact me today to see how I can help transform your business into the successful company it was meant to be.

Have you been considering hiring a freelance copywriter? If so, how’s your luck been?

Let me know in the comments.

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